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Does your e-mail signature signal your importance?

July 23, 2009

From @cheeky_geeky on Twitter:

OH: “There’s an inverse relationship between a person’s importance and the length of their email signature.”

(“OH” is for “overheard,” but I’m sure you knew that. Wink, wink.)

If this statement is true, why is that the case? Perhaps it’s because truly “important” people tend to have shorter titles, like president or CEO. Or maybe the truly important people aren’t the ones at the top, and they’re too busy doing important work to be concerned about their titles.

Or perhaps it’s unrelated to titles at all, but to contact information. Less “important” people might be less busy, and they therefore try to make a bigger effort to be accessible — listing office and cell phone numbers, address, alternate e-mails and URLs — because they’re able to deal with the consequences of it.

Or maybe less-important people just give themselves longer signatures to make themselves feel more important.

What do you, think? Do important people tend to have short e-mail signatures? (How are we defining “important”?) If so, why do you think that is?

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